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Finger Lakes Web Hosting Questions

What servers do you run?
Intel Pentium 3 Processor (1133 MHz) Servers.

Bandwidth Connection lines:
Multiple Tier 1 Bandwidth providers in premium, US based data center.

How long does it take for to set up my account?
Generally, if all of your billing information is in order, it should take between 24 hours to set up your account.

Will you place any ads on my site?
Not at all. TotalChoice does not place any advertisement on your site whatsoever. No banners, no annoying pop-ups, nothing.

Will I be able to send and receive e-mail through Finger Lakes Web Hosting?
Yes! You will be able to send and receive e-mail through our servers. (in technical terms, we provide both POP3 and SMTP capabilities).

For email setup, what is incoming and outgoing mail server?
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server: more on email here

How do I access webmail for my server?

What control panel is offered with your hosting packages?
All sites come equipped with CPANEL.

How Do I access my CPanel website control panel?
Navigate to and replace "" with your domain name.

I have been notified that my account has been set up but my site is still not active.
If you have received a notification email and its been over 48 hours, it means that you either did not point your domain name to the right DNS servers or your ISP's DNS server has not yet been updated. It generally takes 24 hours for domain names to become active and then another 2-3 days for that name to propogate throughout the internet.

What DNS should my domain name point to?
Your domain name should be pointing to:

How do I enable SSI in my HTML pages?
To take advantage of Server Side Includes(SSI) in your web page, make sure the web page has the extension .SHTML and not .HTML

What version of perl are you running?
Our servers run Perl 5.6.1

What version of PHP are you running?
Our servers use PHP 4.2.3

Do you support mySQL?
Yes, for our Silver and Gold plans we run mySQL server version 3.23.45

Do you support CGI/Perl scripts?
Yes, Silver and Gold plans come with their own CGI-BIN to allow you to run your own perl scripts.

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